Lucky Dip

Please note shipping times will be extended from our usual next day to at least 2-3 days, I will try my best to get them all shipped out ASAP! xx

I remember as a little girl going into our local pharmacy and the joy of searching through the "Lucky Dip" bin for the perfect surprise. Dedicated Boy or Girl parcels wrapped up in all different shapes and sizes, and the mystery around what would be inside. 

Cue our "Lucky Dips" similar to our Mystery Bags - however instead of an outfit, each lucky dip parcel has only 1 item, hence the much lower prices. (however there are a couple of $50 parcels that contain a couple of pieces that go together beautifully, not all but some)

Please note that all items within these parcels are at least 35% off the RRP (recommended retail price) with the majority being 50-60%, so some really awesome bargains to be snapped up!

Categorised into Boy | Girl | Gender Neutral/Unisex (this one is also perfect for boys but can of course be girlied up, or maybe your just a lover of neutral pieces, then this category is for you!)

If your a lover of surprises you can certainly purchase more than one, there is no limit, first in first served!

You will not get a double up if you purchase within the same size category however no guarantees can be made if you purchase two of the same value in different sizes - however I will try my very best to ensure this doesn't happen.

All "Lucky Dips" are final, no returns. If you happen to receive something you already have at home, you are sure to make your money back (maybe even more!?) by on-selling, or perhaps gift it to someone who could do with a wee pick me up!


Happy Lucky Dip Shopping xx

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