Introducing 123 Nourish Me products to our Family (& our business)

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Only a few short months ago I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed when something caught my was a post from 123 Nourish Me, a review from a customer about their Sleepy Head Balm. It might have been a random coincidence but I truely believe it was a sign of what was meant to be...

My twin boys, who are now almost two started off as amazing sleepers, easily sleeping 12-14 hours per night without waking, from the time they were 3 months old, crazy lucky right!? Well unfortunately it was short lived and by the time they were 7 months old it had all fallen apart, fast forward to now and we have been having to stay in their room until they fall asleep, they then wake multiple times each throughout the night, wanting to get up to have a drink of water and more often than not only being happy to go back to sleep in our bed, not their own. This has been going on for such a long time and our queen bed really is not big enough for the 4 of us!! 

Back when they used to sleep all night, and in the same cot (please no judgment on the fact they are sleeping on their tummies here x)



Back when they used to sleep all night and in the same bed together (please no judgement on the fact they are sleeping on their tummies here x)


Which brings me to the Facebook post i saw...It was like a blessing in disguise, I was ready to try anything to help my boys with their sleeping, so I jumped on their website to order some of this miraculous balm that seemed to do wonders for many others, only to find they don't ship to NZ, gutted I thought I'd email and ask if they could maybe help a tired Mumma out and send me some such luck but the outcome was even better.

I have since been emailing back and forth with Danni from 123 Nourish Me, who has been working hard to get these products to us here in NZ, and we are pretty stoked to be their first and only overseas stockist at this point!!

The products arrived on Friday afternoon and I was super excited to try them on my boys that night!!! 

Night One: they fell asleep easily, Mr Z woke twice, first time was after midnight (its usually around 9.30pm - 10pm they would wake first so already a win in my eyes), he easily went back to sleep quickly in his own bed, the next time he wanted in with us. Mr C slept all night in his own bed, with a couple of wakes, but again very easily back to sleep and happy to do so in his own bed...amazing in itself for these two!!

Night Two: Both fell asleep easily again (7pm bedtime) and both slept ALL night until 6.30am, I heard them stir and grizzle a couple of times between them, but not wake, and nothing we had to get up to them for....WOW!!!

Night Three: Was an extremely rough night here weather wise and Mr C hates the wind and gets quite upset by it at night time, he woke a few times but again happily asleep in his own bed a few minutes later!! Mr Z slept all night again - or maybe he woke for a drink once!?

I think its safe to call it, this magical Sleepy Head Balm has done wonders for their sleep, no more multiple wakings everynight and needing to be sleeping with us, fingers crossed it continues and they wake up this happy every morning!!

A few fun facts about the Sleepy Head Balm:

  • Smells amazing
  • All natural ingredients
  • Comes in a glass pottle so no nasties being absorbed by the balm from packaging
  • Contains lavender, sandalwood and magnesium all traditionally used to settle the nervous system and soothe the mind and body
  • Encourages relaxation 
  • Anyone can use it from age 6 months up even adults!

Everyones children are different and will have different reasons for their unsettled sleeping habits, so results will vary but what have you got to loose!? 

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  • Yay!!! So glad it’s working for you. I so need to give this a try Miss G is a super unsettled sleeper and has been since 6months too. Loved your first Bligh post can’t wait for the next one xx

    Emma on

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